A New Direction

Long story short:

I was behind on my picture blog - SHOCKING!! I was trying to catch up at least the year 2010 when my lovely PC kicked Windows 7 to the curb for I believe the final time. Oh joy..... Frack! I do not believe my computer had been recently backed up on the external hard drive so I have no idea what may or may not be saved or buried somewhere in the depths of my former hard drive. Some things I do not give a you know what about, but my pictures and PDFs of jewelry and quilting I would like to retrieve.

Add that project to my husband's ever growing honey do list.

Anyways, I'm changing this blog into whatever my happy little fingers want to complain/chat about. You might find out about things not posted on Facebook or Twitter, but I doubt you wouldn't find out much I haven't already blabbed about on Twitter at least.

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