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After spending some time traveling to see family, it's back to reality and helping my oldest with his homework. He came home last night with a packet full of missed work he needs to do this week on top of his normal homework. Most of the work is math and he should be able to complete it in a short amount of time, but it is such a struggle to get him to focus and get his homework completed in a reasonable amount of time.

I'm trying to be better at sitting down with him and helping him instead of being distracted with my phone and social media.  I suppose mom should focus on his work with him and stop multi tasking.  The other distraction is his two younger brothers.  I try to have them play on the computer or play in the other room as to keep the noise level down, but my oldest is so distracted that I end up getting frustrated at him for getting up out of is seat and taking more time than it should, in my opinion.

How does your family complete homework with siblings in varying stages in life;
in school and too young for school?