DIY Ribbon Tee

Most of my wardrobe consists of tees in various colors because they are easy.  I can layer them, throw a sweater over them and toss them in the wash when my kiddos have slimmed me once again.

One of my favorite tees has a stain that I have tried various ways to get rid of and to no avail, that pesky stain is still haunting me and causing me grief.  So why not do a little DIY with some ribbon?

Materials needed:
tee shirt
tape measure
sewing machine

I decided to sew two layers of ribbon to make sure the stain was covered but also to give it a little flare. I placed the ribbon on the tee where I wanted to start and pinned it in place and then pinned the first layer of ribbon around the v-neck to the other side stopping parallel to my starting place.  I then took it over to my sewing machine and sewed the first layer on.  Back to pinning the second layer on and then sewing that row on.


 Now try that sassy little tee on and strut your stuff :)



Armparty Surprise

What is it about twitter that has broaden my horizons, friendships and probably gotten me into more trouble with my husband than a trip to the bead store? I love my group of girlfriends that I have in real life, but it is also fun to meet new people over the interwebs, too.

One of the gals I follow on twitter is a gal who goes by the name Yellow Heart Art and she makes fun prints to add some sunshine to your walls and the gal is funny, too. She decided with a friend of hers, muchloveilly, to have an arm party exchange for people to make some new friends and make and receive some bling as well.

I was partnered up with Becca from sewLOVED, I'm mean really, how cute is her name?!?!  She has 2 adorable boys which goes perfect with my crazy clan of 3 boys.  It has been fun to get to know her a little bit and the bling she sent me was so. much. fun.

Now Becca makes adorable baby bibs and prints, but I am loving the friendship bracelets she made for me.  Okay, so maybe it's a bit junior high camp, but seriously, she did a fabulous job and I might have to breakout my cross stitch threads and make myself some of these bad boys again.

I know that I had a lot of fun making her a couple of bracelets from my stash and I must say, I am really considering making myself a cuff similar to the one I made Becca.



Tomorrow we leave on our annual camping trip to Cama Beach on Camano Island here in Western Washington. Woot! Woot! This year our family is staying 5 nights and while I'm excited, it's a lot of work. Now don't get me wrong, I'm fully aware that ALL vacations are work to prepare but it seems when you have to pack your own food for the week, it adds to the to do list.

The other difference to this trip is there are a number of families coming, some friends, some friends of friends and a whole passel of children. We divide the dinner meal up so if you choose, you can join in on the group meals and only have to cook one meal for several families instead of dinner every night. This has been a great way to meal plan with friends and be completely lazy the rest of vacation. I'm making dinner for Wednesday evening and our meal is BBQ chicken sandwiches on biscuits, coleslaw, baked beans, chips and fruit. I cooked up 6.5 pounds of chicken breasts in my slow cooker, shredded it and added more sauce before bagging it up and putting it in the freezer. The biscuits will be frozen too and I'm hoping will taste okay a few days later.

I must inform you the cabins are equipped with a refrigerator and electricity so I don't have to pack a cooler full of ice to keep my food frozen until I need it. I just have to pack my cooler with food and then I unpack it a couple of hours later once we check in. We go on this trip with some close friends and will meal share breakfast and our kids mooch off each other so I always pack extra snacks. It's only fair.

As our kids get bigger and the number of families joining increases, it lends to more activities and fun. This year we are having our own Olympics games. We have a professional event planner who has graciously offered to put together games. One of the mom's found plastic medals that each child will receive for participating, but they aren't just the cheesy, 'hey you played so you get a medal'. Each child will get a medal for best performance or funniest act. I'm really looking forward to watching the kids play the various games and have some fun.

I also picked up my crabbing license today as we are able to go crabbing two days during our trip. Mmmmm, crab fresh from the sea. One of the best parts of living in Seattle is fresh crab.  The weather is supposed to be fantastically sunny and I just can't wait.  Now to finish packing, packing, packing......