New Hair Do

It was high time for a trim.  I have been a bit bored with my hair lately.  It's too long, too straight and because it's too long, it was driving my crazy.  Every time I put it up in a pony tail, the ends would still hit around the middle of my back and I just don't like that.

I went to see my favorite stylist and together we decided to add some layers and maybe make me a bit more girly.  There are reasons why I probably only have boys.  I can't do a lot of girly hair do's and can't imagine having to do a little girls hair too.  Any hoo, she showed me how to curly my hair ( I do at least own 3 curling irons, a straight iron and hair dryer of course) and I'm really liking my new do.

Here's to hoping I actually spend the time curling my hair now :)


Happy Hour at Home

What a week!!

Snow, ice, power outage, no school for 3 days.  We had a lot of good family time playing in the snow, playing board games when the power was out and just hanging out.  But today, we escaped our house, went sledding with some friends at their house and my husband was very glad to go to work.

Kids are in bed, hubby is out with the guys and I'm making myself a margarita.

Happy Weekend Y'all!!


Snow Day 2012

It snowed....and snowed....and I think we have at least three inches at our house and it's still coming down.  My boys, all four of them, are excited because it's a snow day.  No school and a modified work at home day.  I made monkey bread the night before and baked it this morning and of course, no day is ever started without my beloved Nespresso.  

We will eventually get all bundled up to see how much snow there is and if we can go sledding down the hill.  Happy Wednesday!


Happy Mail Day

I have an Amazon wish list that I like to keep more for me, but I know that my family likes to see the kinds of items I would like to have.  I am in need of more serving bowls because I'm not a fan of bring the pots of food to the table, I like to have pretty bowls even if it does mean more dishes for my hubby to clean. :)  I had added a few bowls from Crate and Barrel to my wish list before Christmas and since I didn't get any, I went back to the C&B website and oh happy day, my set of bowls were on sale!  So while they were marked down quite a bit, I still had to pay shipping.  Not of fan of shelling out extra for s&h, but hey, it happens.

So here are my happy new Parker bowls from Crate and Barrel :)  I was having fun and stacked them to take another picture.  Kind of looks like a honey comb.

Oh and that snow....my kiddo went to school today, but I had to pick him up early.  Massive miscommunication with the school district.  Yippee!!!  It's snowing and I think gonna stay around awhile.  I'm happy for 1 snow day, the whole week.....not so much.


Happy Snowy MLK Day

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!  Lucky for us, the snow has fallen and school is out for the holiday so here's hoping for no snow days.

Yeah right, with what the weather people are predicting around here, it might be a very long week of going nowhere......


Fiesta Bowl 2012

Happy New Year!! Like most Americans, I brought in the new year watching college football bowl games. Since we don't pay for tv, I'm very thankful that ESPN showed the games online.  My beloved OSU Cowboys were playing in the Tostito's Fiesta Bowl against Stanford.  I must confess that I was saddened by the fact that OSU was not playing in the national championship game, but none the less, I am very proud that my Cowboys were ranked 3rd.
I set up the computer on the kitchen table since I could still get a bit of work done and prepare for the week.  As you can see I was folding towels and making out my to do list for the week which includes all the errands and chores to be done, but also my menu plan.

The boys were in bed during the 4th quarter and I had to contain my excitement though the last few minutes of the game.  It was a good game and even though OSU did win, it was Stanford's to lose.  I look forward to how Coach Gundy leads the Cowboys in the up coming season.

Next......college basketball :)