Happy Mail Day

I have an Amazon wish list that I like to keep more for me, but I know that my family likes to see the kinds of items I would like to have.  I am in need of more serving bowls because I'm not a fan of bring the pots of food to the table, I like to have pretty bowls even if it does mean more dishes for my hubby to clean. :)  I had added a few bowls from Crate and Barrel to my wish list before Christmas and since I didn't get any, I went back to the C&B website and oh happy day, my set of bowls were on sale!  So while they were marked down quite a bit, I still had to pay shipping.  Not of fan of shelling out extra for s&h, but hey, it happens.

So here are my happy new Parker bowls from Crate and Barrel :)  I was having fun and stacked them to take another picture.  Kind of looks like a honey comb.

Oh and that snow....my kiddo went to school today, but I had to pick him up early.  Massive miscommunication with the school district.  Yippee!!!  It's snowing and I think gonna stay around awhile.  I'm happy for 1 snow day, the whole week.....not so much.

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