Fiesta Bowl 2012

Happy New Year!! Like most Americans, I brought in the new year watching college football bowl games. Since we don't pay for tv, I'm very thankful that ESPN showed the games online.  My beloved OSU Cowboys were playing in the Tostito's Fiesta Bowl against Stanford.  I must confess that I was saddened by the fact that OSU was not playing in the national championship game, but none the less, I am very proud that my Cowboys were ranked 3rd.
I set up the computer on the kitchen table since I could still get a bit of work done and prepare for the week.  As you can see I was folding towels and making out my to do list for the week which includes all the errands and chores to be done, but also my menu plan.

The boys were in bed during the 4th quarter and I had to contain my excitement though the last few minutes of the game.  It was a good game and even though OSU did win, it was Stanford's to lose.  I look forward to how Coach Gundy leads the Cowboys in the up coming season.

Next......college basketball :)

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