New Hair Do

It was high time for a trim.  I have been a bit bored with my hair lately.  It's too long, too straight and because it's too long, it was driving my crazy.  Every time I put it up in a pony tail, the ends would still hit around the middle of my back and I just don't like that.

I went to see my favorite stylist and together we decided to add some layers and maybe make me a bit more girly.  There are reasons why I probably only have boys.  I can't do a lot of girly hair do's and can't imagine having to do a little girls hair too.  Any hoo, she showed me how to curly my hair ( I do at least own 3 curling irons, a straight iron and hair dryer of course) and I'm really liking my new do.

Here's to hoping I actually spend the time curling my hair now :)

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