Day 29

Girl's Weekend
Leavenworth, WA


Day 9

Rainbow Jade
Vintaj Natural Brass
One Beautiful Bracelet


So What's Next

I am completely thrilled that I completed the 365 picture of the day project. Some days I could easily have posted two, three or four pictures and other days I felt like I was reaching to take one photo. My life really isn't that interesting being a stay at home mom of two busy boys and now pregnant with baby number three. I mean really, how many pictures of laundry do you want to see me do? But I'm glad that I did it.

So what's the plan for 2010? I want to continue doing the photo posts, but I want to do it more on a weekly basis and highlight the week. I might still do a photo for the day, but it may be a post for the week. So feel free to continue on this journey with me.