Day 212

I can now use all keys on my laptop again without any additional effort. Thank you Mike! My cousin and I took the boys out shopping and while we were gone, Mike changed out the keyboard of my laptop. Due to travel and two boys, my keyboard had seen better days. Now to keep the little fingers from popping off the keys....


Day 211

My family is starting to come into town for a few days. Mike has taken off the whole week for vacation for our time at the beach and then to work on projects around the house. Today, he had a helper. One of the projects was to nail the bathroom door trim back into the wall. I think all my boys just want to use power tools.


Day 210

No, this isn't a typo people. It was blasted hot today. Seattle has been in a heat wave this week and luckily we had been camping at Cama Beach, but today we had to come home to the heat. Amazingly, our upstairs was only 82 degrees and the basement was about 78 degrees. We will survive and pray for cooler weather to return.

Day 209

This morning after a communal breakfast of eggs, sausage, pancakes and coffee, our crew set off to hike up to Cranberry Lake. The hike is about a mile to the lake and then a mile back to the cabins. The kids did a great job and discovered huckleberries along the trail. We stopped at the lake for drinks and snacks before heading back. The "lake" was basically a pond with quite a bit of vegetation growing in it.

Day 208

Another fabulous day of camping water side. The dads went golfing this morning and the moms didn't want to the boys to get in the water yet, so the boys compromised and decided to throw rocks into the water instead.

Day 207

Two families, three nights of camping, four parents and five children. How much stuff did we bring again?? For the next few nights we are having the privilege of staying at Cama Beach State Park in the waterfront cabins. Some dear friends of ours booked the cabins back in October of last year for these few days and invited us to go along. One of the neat perks of the camp site is no cars are allowed down by the cabins, so you must shuttle all your items down in the van. It only took one truck and one shuttle car to get all of us and our stuff down to the cabins. Let the vacation begin.


Day 206

This morning we headed to Camano Island State Park for our annual Sunday school class camping trip. Mike and I are only staying one night because of Mike's travel schedule, but one night in a tent is fine with me. Andy had been running around with all the other boys and was completely filthy at this point and he decided he needed a rest. Mom was just enjoying the fellowship with friends and not having to worry too much about what the kids were up too.


Day 205

This is what happens when your toddler gets a hold of your computer.
I do have another keyboard on order since the ESC, F1, 2, and SHIFT keys are either broken or missing components in order to reattach to the keyboard. Oh well, makes life more interesting when you are trying to type.

Day 204

Tonight is our fellowship night and for now we are studying, Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. This book was originally published back in 1975 when most of us in the group were very small children or not around yet. This copy is the 3rd printing which came out in 1996, but the information doesn't change, like the Word of God doesn't change. The topic of study is meditation. Should be an interesting discussion...


Day 203

In preparation of our camping trip to the beach, I went in search of water shoes today.
The store: Sears,
The price: On sale, even better.

Now, I just have to finish packing for everyone and everything and we will be ready for some fun at the beach camping with great friends.


Day 202

As I was finishing up my day, I realized I didn't have a picture for today, so I was a little bummed. I went into Andy's room to check on him before bed and noticed that he is sleeping inside his pillow. I just cracked up, grabbed the camera and declared this my photo of the day. Andy is such a funny kid and his sleeping positions always give me a smile for the end of my day. He is also a great sleeper, so the camera and flash didn't wake him.


Day 201

I have completed the first ten blocks of my buggy barn quilt and I think this quilt is going to end up being so stinking cute and it's mine, all mine.


Day 200

As I was cleaning up from piecing my buggy barn stack, I noticed my fabric confetti and thought it was a fun reminder of all the work I have put in putting together the first 10 blocks.


Day 199

Tonight we celebrated my friend, Sarah's new baby boy to be born next month. The dinner was Mexican themed and we had a dessert of chocolate fondue. Fondue seems to be a big attraction with some of my friends and I, and what better way to have some yummy chocolate and fruit. At the far left is the milk chocolate fountain and the dark chocolate is in the fondue pot to the right. We had a great evening of girl time and oohing and aahing over baby items once again.

Day 198

The post man brought me a fun new package this afternoon and it was filled with beads. One of my followers on Twitter owns her own bead store in Maine and I thought I would try out Lucite beads for a change. In my package of goodies were a gift with purchase of two Lucite beads. I immediately began to imagine them as a pair of earrings and sat down tonight while watching a movie with Mike and put them together. I can't wait to wear them and they are super light and fun and summery.
Update 9.4.2010
I am using this post as an entry into a contest with The Beadin Path.


Day 197

Can you believe I purchased this bunch of mint for only $2? I bought it yesterday at the farmer's market in Sammamish and it smells simply divine. Now how to use it all before it goes bad.

Day 196

In order to save some money, I purchased clippers and decided to cut my boys' hair. I didn't do that hot of a job and grandma had to give Andy a summer hair cut. Here he is sporting his new look via chocolate all over the face.


Day 195

About a week and a half ago, I received an email from the parent company of the beading and knitting emails I receive informing me of what they call a "hurt sale". They have too many books and supposedly some were not perfect, so they off load them for a discount. I purchased two beading books that I have been pining for and one knitting book all for less than $25. The receipt stated it would be 3-5 weeks before I received my order, so I was totally stoked when they showed up on my door step this evening.

pic of bead books


Day 194

I was reading one of the blogs I follow and there was a picture of chocolate chip cookies, so I decided I would make some cookies. Only I baked them too long and since they were made with butter, they aren't the soft homemade cookies I prefer. I'm still getting used to my oven and did use the convection bake on it again. I had previously used it for the cinnamon rolls, but was starting to get busy making dinner and left the cookies in too long. My boys like them and that's all that really counts.


Day 193

Elisabeth's camera has been returned to her, PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Here we are shortly after we began our tour, before we all got dunked.

Sadly, as of today writing this post, I do not have a picture, but it will come.

Today was our last day celebrating Elisabeth and one of the gals, Atefeh, has a friend who goes white water rafting down the Wenatchee river and offered to take us for a tour. We met Mark in Cashmere, got suited up with gear and then headed a few miles out of town to where the boat was tied and began our journey. This time of year, the Wenatchee river is at a stage II or III for rapids, but the water level is low, so you do have to watch out for the rocks. We were on the river for about 45 minutes and then stopped for lunch and to move the raft around the small dam via a cart left by some generous person whom all the rafting tours use. I was sitting on the front right side of the raft chatting with some of the other gals in the raft when next thing I knew, I was over the side of the boat completely submerged under water. I swear I swallowed a few cups of water, so I come up sputtering, but I'm too far away from the boat already as I got caught up by the current. First reaction is to get the water out of my nose and then follow the advice Mark gave before we began the trip. I got my feet up and kept a hold of the paddle, only I started to lose my flip-flops. As I'm trying to get my shoes back on, my tail bone met a rock. So, I keep thinking feet up, butt up. I couldn't get my shoes back on, so I let them go bye-bye down the river, only I lost the paddle as well. Unfortunately, I had quite a ride down the river, because once everyone got back in the boat, the raft got stuck by a rock and once Mark got the boat free, they had to come get me. I wasn't feet first down the river like I should have been because I was more concerned about where the boat was, than my head hitting a rock. Not smart, but it is what it is. Well, I did finally get back in the raft and all the gals were so impressed about how calm I was floating down the river. I was starting to get cold and they didn't know that I was starting to freak out mainly because I was cold and my tail bone kept meeting rocks.
Amazingly enough, my sunglasses stayed on my head and I somehow didn't lose my headband. We continued down the river and low and behold, we find my stinking flip-flops and one of the lost paddles. My shoes were floating down a slight detour on the water, so we had to get out of the boat once again to get it over the rocks and back onto the main section of the river. Well, somehow, Crystal manages to stub her toe, but we continue on and later find the last wandering paddle. There was a nice soft gentle section where Elisabeth gets out her camera and Mark takes a group shot. I told Elisabeth I wanted that picture to use for my blog and she said she would email it to me tonight.
We make it back to Cashmere, unload all the gear and Mark takes Crystal and Kirsten back to get their cars so we can all go home. While waiting for the return of the vehicles, we all sit, chat, eat and use the restroom so once Crystal is back we can head back to Bellevue. Elisabeth needed to be back in town for a dinner hosted in her honor with the gals who were unable to come to Lake Chelan.
Anna and I were dropped off in Issaquah and it was so nice to be home and see my boys again. I think both Andy and Aaron grew while I was gone. I did enjoy my weekend away and hope that we can all go away again someday.

Update: I later received an email from Elisabeth stating she managed to leave her camera in the ladies restroom back in Cashmere, but God was awesome and the camera will be returned to Elisabeth by the end of the week, so once she emails pictures, I will be able to post our group picture of our great adventure down the Wentachee River.

Day 192

What a fantastic day! We hung out by the pool, got a boat ride from some nice guys and then topped off our evening with a barbecue down by the lake. Two of the gals went off somewhere else for dinner, but Anna, Crystal, Elisabeth, myself and Dana all had a wonderful dinner of kabobs, rice and asparagus. I enjoyed the time with my girlfriends today, and am so blessed by God to have such wonderful women to spend time with.


Day 191

This afternoon, I ended over the mountains to Lake Chelan with four other girlfriends to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of my dear friend, Elisabeth. We needed to make a stop in Wenatchee to use the restroom and then stopped at Sonic. I got my cranberry limeade and it was so tasty!!! I miss not having a Sonic close by like back home.

Day 190

This afternoon, I started the laborious process of making cinnamon rolls for our girls weekend away. I used my grandma's recipe which is completely different than you would ever find in any cookbook, but they are so incredibly delicious. I hope they taste okay.


Day 189

Having multiple ways of communication can get you in trouble sometimes. I received a postcard from Vera Bradley informing me the lunch bags were on sale. Well, since it's grandma day, I headed to Bellevue Square to do some shopping. I picked out the Bali Blue lunch bag for me since my boys have their own lunch box and sometimes I just don't need the big cooler I take to the park.


Day 188

What happen to summer and where did it go?? The last super nice day was on Saturday and yet technically we are supposed to be having summer as it is a well known fact that summer officially starts on July 5th in the Pacific Northwest. I'm sure this too shall pass and summer will be upon us once again.

Day 187

What a handsome little fellow! He's my handsome little guy too. This morning we went to the eye doctor once again to follow up on the eye patching. We have been patching his right eye in order to strengthen his left eye as he can not see small objects long distances. Unfortunately, the patching isn't working as well as it should and then next step is to try the eye drops that blur the good vision and make the bad eye work and strengthen. The bummer part about the drops is they cause light sensitivity and being the fact that it's summer, the doctor and I decided we would continue using the eye patch until his next appointment. I'm praying that the next three months of patching actually work and strengthen his left eye so that both eyes work together as they should. Andy has been such a trooper and I'm the one who's more frustrated about the whole thing, but I have to rely on God and His timing for my son.

Day 186

Mike is the proud owner of a Yamaha V-Star motorcycle. He enjoys riding it when he can and mainly rides to work and back. Today, for the first time in over two years, I finally was able to get a ride. I dropped the boys off at grandma and grandpa's for some play time and Mike and I cruised around the plateau for about an hour. It was a lot of fun, but he needs a more comfy seat if he plans on taking me long distances. I hope we get to do more of this in the future.


Day 185

Happy 4th of July!! As our nation celebrates another year of nationhood, most of the country is firing up the barbecue grills and my husband is no exception. He smoked baby back ribs for dinner tonight and oh my, the aroma wafting throughout the house and yard and the taste, oh, so good. They were a little spicy, but so addicting, my lips were on fire for about 30 minutes afterwards. So worth the wait and pain.


Day 184

It does not get any more clear blue than this. God has blessed us with an early start to summer and it's just wonderful to not have to wait until July 5th. Normally, Seattle has a cold, rainy Independence Day and then summer begins. But this year, it started a few days early.


Day 183

I have some leftover fabric from working on my buggy barn quilt and got the inspiration to make headbands. I took five of my favorite fabrics that would coordinate with some of my summer clothes, added a piece of elastic and voila, new headbands that didn't cost me $20.


Day 182

Mr. Cool getting ready for the weekly trek to the Sammamish Farmers Market. Aaron just cracks me up. This summer he has decided to wear baseball caps, but on backwards. I bought the boys cheap sunglasses at Fred Meyer back in May when it started to warm up in hopes of attempting to protect some little eyes. He'll wear them for a while and then decide he's had enough. They may be too snug around his ears, but at least they do stay on. I heard a lot of complements on how cute he was this evening.