Day 120

I have been an independent representative for Sensaria Natural Bodycare for almost four years now. The skin care products are all naturally based and I became hooked on them when a friend invited me to her open house. This is an order for a friend I was going to see tonight, but since my little one has a runny nose and a bit of a temperature, I will have to wait until Saturday to get her skin care set to her. It's sitting by my the front door just waiting to be delivered.

Day 119

Wednesdays are what is known in our family as 'Grandma Day'. Grandma watches my nephew on Wednesdays, so I take full advantage of cousin being at grandma's house. Normally, I get a few hours to myself to do as I wish, but today I needed grandma's help with aprons for a certain four year old birthday party. While I was there during most of the afternoon, we stopped for snack time after quiet/nap time and Aaron had been playing with the train. It was cute to see how he decided the train could carry his sippy cup from point A to point B and always be with him.


Day 118

This afternoon, Andy's preschool class had a field trip to a local fire station. Since Andy has a younger brother and childcare is a rare commodity during the day, I dropped him off at the fire station and Aaron and I went off to the coffee shop down the street. Besides really good coffee, they have a box of toys. So while I enjoyed a cup of drip coffee and a red pepper and goat cheese scone, Aaron got some time to play with some "new"toys.


Day 117

My new shoes arrived today!! I had gone out shopping last week and found these super cute, bright yellow flats at Aldo at Bellevue Square. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size in the right color I wanted, so I had to order them. This was one of my bright spots in my otherwise crazy, nutty, creamy day.


Day 116

Today after church, my sweet husband indulged his wife and took her up to the tulip fields near Mount Vernon, Washington. We had a fun time looking at the flowers, snapping pictures and I even got a picture with my boys.


Day 115

This is honestly just a real live snap shot into our lives. Aaron having a snack while Charlie sits below waiting for anything to drop, and Andy is playing around on little brothers turtle. Just my boys on a Saturday morning.

Day 114

I was sitting on the couch this morning and thought the wooden car toy looked really neat against the brick fireplace, so I shot a few photos and this is about the best that came out.


Day 113

It's amazing how two little boys can get into so much trouble with one bottle of lotion. I set the boys down to watch a good educational television show so I could get ready for the day. As mom is blissfully getting ready, my two sweet boys got out the bottle of lotion and decided the couch, dog and younger brother needed a little lubrication. The only one who got cleaned up later was the dog. Never a dull moment in my life.

Day 112

This is what happens when mom doesn't know where her camera is located and the 3 year old has it.
I told Andy to go use the bathroom after breakfast and he was having a grand old time in the bathroom that I kinda forgot about him. Later on in the day I was wondering why my camera was in the bathroom, a little random, but that's my life. When I went to download photos to work on this blog, I discovered the funniest perspective from a three year old boy. You can find the rest of those photos here.


Day 111

I have two boys, three different sizes of Lego's and usually a mess all over my living room. It's nice to see how all of the colors pop against my beige carpet. The quatro's also don't hurt too bad when you step on them. The duplos, not so much. I've been told to purchase the regular, little Lego's to help with my son's fine motor skills, but I really don't look forward to stepping on those. I have two brothers who had Lego's and man, stepping on those HURT!

Day 110

Today was such a beautiful day in Western Washington. Those of us who live here call these days teaser days. We get a couple of days of warm, sunny weather and we throw on the shorts, the sandals and think summer is here. According to the weather people, it's only supposed to be nice on Monday and Tuesday, but we can always hope for more warm days.
My boys were having fun playing outside and "trying" to share the one tricycle. Little brother wasn't too keen on the sharing part.


Day 109

My hubby surprised me with a new entry light while I was away visiting my parents. We had spent some time looking for a new one as the original one was ala 1975. He ended up making a great deal from the lighting store and having it installed before he left for the weekend.


Day 108

My newest jewelry creation courtesy of the Simply Soldering class taken at Ben Franklin in Redmond this morning. It's basically a piece of paper between two pieces of glass that are then taped and soldered together. It was a good technique to adventure on, but I'm not sure how addicting it will be in my life. We shall see, but I did enjoy my morning learning a new way to make jewelry and helping out a newbie beader get the tools and pieces to make her charm bracelet.


Day 107

The completed piece of furniture for my living room. My sweet hubby finished painting and putting on the poly while I was in Oklahoma. It will now house puzzles, coloring books and crayons, play-doh and the little toys that get buried in the big basket. This will either be a great idea or one that will drive me nuts.


Day 106

Here she is, my famous friend, Michelle, singing the National Anthem at the Seattle Mariner's game tonight. Michelle sent a tape into the M's organization and they called her up to sing at tonight's game. Along with the honor of singing, she received four tickets to the game and invited Mike and me to join her and her husband and son. We had a great time although Griffey didn't play and the M's lost.


Day 105

We made it back to Sammamish about 11 pm last night minus our luggage. It was definitely an interesting travel day, but KUDOS to Alaska Airlines. They delivered our luggage and car seats about 3 pm this afternoon and the sight on my front porch was never more welcoming than ever.

Day 104

Today we are traveling back home to Washington. I took this picture about 7 am as the sun was rising. We have 320 miles to drive and then about 2500 in a plane. It's going to be a long day traveling.


Day 103

For our last meal in Oklahoma, we went back out to my grandparent's house for roast and all the fixings. After supper, we were all sitting in the living room and the boys were playing all over the place. This picture was captured and I just love the fact that I have a picture of my youngest with his great-grandma.

Day 102

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!!
I would have loved to have gotten a family picture with everyone dressed up for church, but no one got out any camera's until after church. My aunt took this picture of Aaron and me.

Day 101

Tonight we went out to the farm where my grandparents live. Grandpa grilled hamburgers and my Grandma made her famous homemade ice cream. Aaron made the rounds getting ice cream, strawberries and homemade chocolate sauce from various members of the family. Unfortunately, mom completely forgot about the dozen raw eggs in the ice cream and the child who is currently allergic to those eggs proceeded to puke all over mom about 30 minutes later. I figured that was Aaron's reaction to the eggs and at least it wasn't an antiphylactic reaction.


Day 100

This afternoon and evening we spent the day with my Aunt Linda and I took a really great shot of the setting sun with a little boy in overalls in the background, but I had already decided on this picture. No, I did not take this picture, as it is a picture of my grandparent's on their wedding day. My mom's cousin had emailed her several family pictures and this was among them and I just had to use it. Both of my grandparents are with Jesus now and I miss them every day, but I was so blessed to have a great relationship with them.


Day 99

Well, Monkey Boy strikes again. My dad was installing a new ceiling fan in their updated living room, and Aaron decided Papa needed some help. Aaron just started climbing up, so big brother became concerned and followed him up the ladder. In case Aaron falls, then big brother will catch him or rather fall off the ladder as well and the nearest ER is 20 miles away. Unfortunately for Papa, he had to put the ladder away and finish the ceiling fan another time when the boys are out of the house or having nap time.


Day 98

Tonight after dinner, we finished off the cupcakes. Aaron only loved the icing and ate about two bites of the cupcake. My mom mixed cream cheese icing and Cool-Whip together for the icing. It was quite tasty.


Day 97

Nana made chocolate cupcakes for dessert tonight and a fun treat for Andy was the Cars decorating crunchy things. It's interesting that Mater is in focus and yet I took this photo with my iPhone.


Day 96

After three hours in a car, one stop to Sonic, the boys and I made it to Cyril, Oklahoma where my best friend, Leigh Ann lives with her husband and daughter. Thanks to the stop at Sonic, I had to wash the car seat today before we left. Aaron, a straw and an apple juice slush do not mix.
Oh well, the boys and Leigh's little girl had a fun time playing together and Leigh and I had a wonderful time just catching up and hanging out.

Day 95

Today we spent some time hanging out with Uncle Kyle, Aunt Robin, Uncle Keith and his girlfriend, Alyssa. I was gathering up all of our luggage to put back in the car to head to Cyril, OK. Aunt Robin was very sweet to hold Aaron and he decided she was okay enough to take a short nap with her.


Day 94

Yes, once again, I am at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport about to board a plane in search of some sun. Yet, this time, I'm really going just to see my family. The boys and I are headed to Tulsa, OK to see my brothers tonight and hang out with them. I also hope I get to meet my brother's girlfriend. I have heard she is really sweet and nice, and she has a dog. We are a dog loving family. I haven't seen my family since September and I do miss them. So here's hoping to great flying and a great time with family!!


Day 93

Tonight was my girlfriend, Dana's birthday party at one of the local Mexican restaurants. She didn't want a picture of her in the sombrero, so instead is a picture of our desert. One of my other girlfriends, Crystal picked up cupcakes from New York Cupcakes. We had a great time catching up with each other and laughing. God has truly blessed me with wonderful, godly women as friends.


Day 92

My boys were having a little extra time in their pajama's this morning and I came back into the living room from the kitchen and just had to chuckle at my little guys. Aaron had made himself comfortable on the pillow and Andy had put his Mariner hat on and grab a few books to read. The black fur on the couch is Charlie assuming his normal place on the couch.


Day 91

I bought myself some new fabric today. It is a charm pack of 5 inch squares of 20 different prints by Moda. My plans for these two charm packs is a disappearing 9 patch quilt for me. I have several quilts I'm working on for friends and family members and I saw this fabric and thought it was time to make myself a quilt.