Day 22

My clean car. December and January were not nice weather months and my car was covered with ice, snow, sand, salt and layers of dirt. Now it's clean again. Maybe I can work on the inside, now.

Day 21

This morning the fog was still hanging on later than usual. I went to let the dog outside and noticed the sun had started shining though the fog and the woods behind our house. I used the scenery setting on my camera and was pretty pleased with my little Casio.

Day 20

Today I turned around from the table and noticed that my son had rearranged his table with the dinning room chairs, minus the one mom was sitting on at the table. It's fun to see how they see the world and how it should go at times.


Monday, Day 19

I snapped this photo after lunch today. Aaron attempts to charm his mommy at times, but I usually just grab the camera and snap away.


Day 18

What birthday isn't complete without birthday pie?! We celebrated my father-in-law's birthday today with dinner and lemon meringue pie. It was tart and perfectly sweet at the same time.


Day 17

It was time for a change and an updated look, so this morning, I went in for a new style. I have a new haircut, a new swim suit (Yeah, Target), and now all I have to do is pack. Oh, and wait seven more days.....


Friday, Day 16

Today, I am soccer mom and Aaron decided he wanted to join big brother at soccer. This was taken at the end of class as I wasn't concerned about the big kids running over the little dude. At the end of class, the kids all sit on the black line and receive hand stamps for doing a good job and participating.


Day 15

Today is grandpa's birthday and we went out to dinner at the local steak house. They have a great birthday deal. The birthday person receives a free dinner with the purchase of another meal. We had a wonderful time together and the birthday boy got the best gift: time with his grandsons.

Day 14

A day in torturing myself. That was today, as Mike and I are headed to Hawaii in 11 days and I need a new swim suit. The last swim suit I purchased was three and a half years ago when we went to Hawaii the first time with a newborn. Yeah, those don't fit anymore.
I went to Bellevue Square to see if I could find anything. The only thing I found was some really great deals at Ann Taylor Loft and not one of the purchases was a swim suit. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

Day 13

Every once in a while I see my decorations in the house in a new light. One of my boys decided to put the Mickey & Goofy picture holder into the cup. I knew the cup was over by the pictures as toys end up in various places all over the house. This morning I happen to look up and noticed my pictures and the adjustment that one made. It made me laugh.


Day 12

Yummy, dinner! My mom and grandma make a mean pot roast, but alas, I don't have a dutch oven in which to cook mine. (Hint, hint, for those needing gift ideas) So, I cook mine in the crock pot and it is delicious. The meat is flavorful and falling apart and the leftovers are the best part. I use the leftovers for chimichanga's, beef curry or just a sandwich the next day.

Speaking of dinner, it's time to make the mashed potatoes and veggies.

Day 11

The completed beadclub 5th Anniversary bracelet.

Every year, my favorite bead store has a drop-in bracelet event to commemorate their anniversary. This past August was the event, but I went camping with my family in Eastern Washington hoping for camping with no rain. No luck, but that's for another day.
My sweet sister-in-law picked up the bracelet kit and instructions for me. She had left various notes about the construction of the bracelet which were very handy. Today, I finally finished working on the piece. It's not my favorite, but that's fine with me.

This was also a lesson in photographing jewelry. I played around with my camera and the various settings, but lighting was also an issue. If I had lots of extra cash, I would probably buy a better camera and all the gadgets, but I'm going to Hawaii in 14 days :)


Day 10

I usually try to unload and load the dishwasher while my youngest is sleeping or strapped into his booster seat. His helpfulness is appreciated,but it's help that I can do without. Today, he took a different approach. He took each piece of flatware out of the basket and handed them to my one by one to be placed in the drawer. The spoon in his left hand never made it to the drawer. It may have taken me three times as long as normal, but I want to instill in my boys that everyone in the house helps out with daily chores.

Day 9

The beginning of my life as a soccer mom. My oldest started soccer practice the first of January so every Friday through March, we will spend our Friday afternoons at a local church whose gym hosts the soccer program.

Day 8

I can do it myself.
This morning I made Cream of Wheat for breakfast and the little one was very adamant that he feed himself. Fine with me, that way I was able to eat my breakfast warm. Yes, I had a mess to clean, but it beats having to warm up your bowl of cream of wheat.

Day 7

Today is grandma day, the best day of the week. Grandma takes the boys for a day at her house and mom is free to do as she wishes. I spent my morning with a girlfriend catching up over coffee and then my afternoon was spent taking my youngest to the allergist. I do have a blog about the boys, but wanted to post this one because his diet is a major part of my daily life and I spend my days with them since I am a stay at home mom. I took this photo after all the pokes and he was a trooper that day. Next visit is in October when he turns two.

Day 6

Laptops are great to have with little ones around. It's easy to transport the computer to whatever room the boys may or may not be occupying. My laptop has been upstairs more since starting this blog instead of in the basement in my office. I had my laptop in the living room while I was sitting on the couch and needed to plug it back in as the battery life was getting low. The plug was in the dinning room as I had been keeping it on the extra dinning room chair. When I went to plug in the computer, I couldn't find the end for the computer. Well, my oldest decided it should be plugged back into the wall. I laughed at his ingenuity, took a picture and then reminded him not to plug anything in the wall. Now, where did the safety plugs go?

Day 5

There is only one thing for which I will happily pay my property tax; the King County Library System. I love our library system. Almost any book you wish to read, you may request to have delivered to your local library. Book fines are nominal as yes, I do have fines every once in a while for a late book. The boys enjoy picking out books to read and it just also happens to be a free indoor activity in which to spend some time during the rain. So today is a photo of a few of the books we came home with to read.


Sunday, Day 4

Finally, I got the picture!! My littlest one has been folding himself in half for several months. Unfortunately every time I went to get the camera, by the time I'm back and ready to shoot, he's moved on to other things. Each time I have had professional pictures done of my boys, I kept hoping my youngest would fold himself in half so I could get a shot. Today, it finally happened.
Granted, it's not the best shot as I took it with my iPhone, but I'm just thrilled I have proof of my silly little guy.


Saturday, Day 3

One of the new updates we want to make to the house is a new light for the entry way. The one we have is probably orginal to the house, circa 1975 and it's ugly. Glass, brass and colored glass to boot. So today we went looking for a new light thanks to some Christmas money we received. I've been really good about having my camera with me at all times and caught this photo of my guys perusing the light aisle together. Mom was so second fiddle during the day.


Day 2

I understand it's January and normally there is supposed to be snow during the month of January, but come on, I live in Seattle, it's only supposed to rain here.
We received around 10 inches of snow around Christmas, so yes, we had a white Christmas. The rain came and melted all the snow away, but wait...it came back (cue Jaws theme song)
After a chilly day of running errands where the sun shone and the snow came down, this was on my back deck this evening after dinner. The texture is similar to Dippin' Dots ice cream. Vanilla anyone??


Day 1

I was on Facebook this evening and one of my friends was talking about her new blog and the challenge of doing a picture a day blog. The whole concept is to take one picture every day that captures some event of the day or just life in general. I thought that would be fun considering the travel I do with my guys, how much my kiddos grow in a years time and you never know what God has in store.
One of the crafting things I never said I would start doing is knitting and guess what, never say never. Yup, I'm knitting, but I've only made a couple of hats, two scarves and now I'm working on fingerless mittens to keep my frozen hands warm. I have one knitted and I've started the ribbing on the second one and then I will sew them up. I found the pattern on a quilting blog that I follow and she posted the link for the mittens. It's my first trial pair, so we shall see how it goes.
Both the knitting and the pictures every day.