Day 1

I was on Facebook this evening and one of my friends was talking about her new blog and the challenge of doing a picture a day blog. The whole concept is to take one picture every day that captures some event of the day or just life in general. I thought that would be fun considering the travel I do with my guys, how much my kiddos grow in a years time and you never know what God has in store.
One of the crafting things I never said I would start doing is knitting and guess what, never say never. Yup, I'm knitting, but I've only made a couple of hats, two scarves and now I'm working on fingerless mittens to keep my frozen hands warm. I have one knitted and I've started the ribbing on the second one and then I will sew them up. I found the pattern on a quilting blog that I follow and she posted the link for the mittens. It's my first trial pair, so we shall see how it goes.
Both the knitting and the pictures every day.

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