Day 187

What a handsome little fellow! He's my handsome little guy too. This morning we went to the eye doctor once again to follow up on the eye patching. We have been patching his right eye in order to strengthen his left eye as he can not see small objects long distances. Unfortunately, the patching isn't working as well as it should and then next step is to try the eye drops that blur the good vision and make the bad eye work and strengthen. The bummer part about the drops is they cause light sensitivity and being the fact that it's summer, the doctor and I decided we would continue using the eye patch until his next appointment. I'm praying that the next three months of patching actually work and strengthen his left eye so that both eyes work together as they should. Andy has been such a trooper and I'm the one who's more frustrated about the whole thing, but I have to rely on God and His timing for my son.

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