DIY Ribbon Tee

Most of my wardrobe consists of tees in various colors because they are easy.  I can layer them, throw a sweater over them and toss them in the wash when my kiddos have slimmed me once again.

One of my favorite tees has a stain that I have tried various ways to get rid of and to no avail, that pesky stain is still haunting me and causing me grief.  So why not do a little DIY with some ribbon?

Materials needed:
tee shirt
tape measure
sewing machine

I decided to sew two layers of ribbon to make sure the stain was covered but also to give it a little flare. I placed the ribbon on the tee where I wanted to start and pinned it in place and then pinned the first layer of ribbon around the v-neck to the other side stopping parallel to my starting place.  I then took it over to my sewing machine and sewed the first layer on.  Back to pinning the second layer on and then sewing that row on.


 Now try that sassy little tee on and strut your stuff :)


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