Slowing Down

Oh to be staring out at the beautiful, majestic Pacific Ocean 
while spending the morning golfing.

It's been crazy since school started on Sept 5th. Getting back into the groove of a routine and having to be out of the house by 8:15 which is loco, has been challenging. Toss in soccer, church activities, family get together's plus small group and so some things have been put aside for a later time.

It seems one of those things set aside is slowing down and just taking in life.  I was letting the dog out early Wednesday morning and fortunately, looked up to see the beautiful sunrise peaking through the trees.  I ran for my phone as my camera is at the above location and snapped a few pictures.  Unfortunately due to all the wildfires in Eastern Washington, our sunrises have been spectacular and late enough in the morning to see them.  Oh, how I don't like it getting lighter later in the morning and earlier in the evening. Sigh....

After dropping off my preschooler, I have about 30 minutes to kill before I need to be at bible study.  I let my 2 year play on the playground and just enjoyed watching the fog roll in and making myself aware of this sweet precious time with my little guy.  Lucky for him, mom's phone was in the car, so I played with him and watched him run in his cute little rain boots.  It was in those moments that I thanked God for making me slow down and just enjoy my boys.  The busyness can wait another day, I want to imprint in my mind those little hands.

As for the picture above, my lucky husband in on a golf trip to Hawaii with some friends of ours.  That's another post in and of itself ;)

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