Bedlam 2011

In the grand tradition of college football, tonight was the yearly rivalry game of the great state of Oklahoma universities, University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University.  The game has been played 106 times with OU winning many more games than OSU, but this year was to be different.  See OSU has a record of 10-1 with the only lose coming from Iowa State of all teams on the eve of very tragic news in the Oklahoma State athletic department.  We won't dwell on that sad day, but remember the wonderful people who are no longer with us.

It is a game of bragging rights, a game to somewhat determine the conference champion of the Big XII, a game that means so much more if you are a Cowboy fan.  And tonight's game was definitely one for the record books.  It was fun, exciting and a great day to be a Cowboy fan.  I wanted to watch the game with some friends and of course, one of those friends grew up in Oklahoma as well, but he is on the other side and wears red.  I let him in my house anyway, I do love his wife, heehee.

I have to say the evening was a lot of fun, with good food, yummy treats to snack on and great friends to spend the evening with.  I had to laugh as my dad, who is an OU fan, called me during the game to ask me a question about my boys for Christmas.  He wasn't enjoying the game too much so he was online finishing his Christmas shopping.

Now, we hope and wait to see who is playing in the BCS Championship game against LSU.  Please vote for Oklahoma State and not the other SEC team who already played LSU and we all know the outcome of that game.

OSU COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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