Homemade Christmas Gifts

I have two new nieces this year and I am so excited to get to make girly things now.  Both my brothers each had a girl, one in January and the other in April.  So this year for Christmas I wanted to do something fun for Christmas gifts rather than some cute outfit from the mall or a toy.  A gal on Etsy sells these absolutely stinking cute ballet shoes and I purchased the pattern from her to make my nieces gifts.

All I have to say is I had SO MUCH FUN making these shoes.  One of my sister-in-laws was a dancer and I'm sure she will  *hopefully* love these shoes.  I have another niece from my husband's side of the family that I may try to rework the pattern to fit the other sister-in-law i.e. straps versus the ribbon.

I may have three boys and am truly thankful for how crazy filled my house is, but I am also very thankful that God gave me some nieces to spoil too and get my girl fix in :)

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