Our newest member

A few weeks ago we added a new member to the family. Lucky for me, I didn't have to go through any weight gain, hips hurting and labor again. Nope, this time we went the adoption route and welcomed an almost 2 year old black lab into our family.

Oreo was adopted from another couple who had decided their 15 hour days were not kind to him being stuck at home alone and wanted a family to take care of him. My oldest son was completely ecstatic about getting a dog while the youngest was on the opposite end of the spectrum and freaked out by the dog. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the oldest doesn't like Oreo anymore while the youngest is in love. Go figure. 

 For me it's like having a 4th child. Mom is the one who wakes up in the morning and walks him, plays ball with him during the day and of course sweeps up all the black dog hair that floats around my house now. (sigh) The boys do feed him for which I am thankful. Oreo is a sweet dog but needs some training so the hubby signed up for obedience school. It's more like training the whole family, but overall, another adventure to go through together.

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