Messianic Passover Seder

Friday evening, Mike and I had the privilege of attending a Messianic Passover Seder with some friends from our bible study group.  One of the gals in our study knew someone from our church who knows the Jewish couple who started the Messianic church.  I only heard bits and pieces of the testimony of the couple, but wow.  Brought up in Jewish traditions, culture and way and then in the 60s during the time of discovery for most people, this adorable couple found Jesus as they were searching.

I wish I could tell you in great detail what everything means, but I'll give you my cliff notes version and hope I don't get it all wrong.  From the very beginning, God had a plan for salvation for mankind.  The Jews celebrate Passover as a remembrance of God delivering the Jews from the land of Egypt.  Each step in the celebration represents life, both the sweet and the bitter, the harshness but also our salvation through Christ.  The Jews of course do not believe that Jesus was/is the Messiah, so they will refute my last statement, but all I have to say is I would love to experience the Seder again in a more intimate setting than a hall with almost 300 people.  I want my boys to experience it and to be able to grasp what Christ did for us.

*my little side note* Because the Seder was at a school, we couldn't drink wine and I've had my fill of grape juice for a very, very, very long time.  Let's just say, I can deal with the shot of juice once a month for communion, but 4 glasses of it was a bit much.

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