Birthdays and Friends

What a great day!!! Thank you Jesus for a gorgeous Seattle Saturday and friends to celebrate life with.

This morning I went out to brunch at Salty's on Aliki Beach with two of my best friends to celebrate Dana's birthday and mine. Our birthdays are a month apart so we found a Saturday that would work for all of use to go celebrate. Brunch was AMAZING. It's an all you can eat buffet so you go hungry and leave stuffed. They had an omelet bar, pasta bar, crepes, waffles, crab, shrimp, eggs Benedict, smoked salmon, sausages, bacon, deserts galore, chocolate AND caramel fountains. It was really yummy. We had a great time eating but also just being able to chat with one another without our kiddos running around. God has truly blessed me with some great friends here.

Then, after stuffing myself silly, I met a friend from high school who was in town with her husbands' high school yearbook team. Scholastic had an awards ceremony in Seattle this year and their yearbook team was up for some rewards, so she came with one of her daughters to sight see and luckily we were able to get together. I hadn't seen Harmony since a couple years after high school after she got married and before I was married. Thanks to the lovely Facebook, we have gotten back in touch and had a chance to catch up for a couple of hours. It was so good to see her, find out what each has been up to the last 14 years and chat about old classmates too. I was glad to have the chance to see her and hopefully make it to Texas someday to see her again.

Looking back, it's amazing how God takes us through different experiences and friendships through our lives. I am thankful to have known Harmony since kindergarten and grow up with her and I'm also thankful as I have moved away that God placed Dana and Crystal in my life as well. My friends mean a lot to me and I would do almost anything for them if they needed something. I hope you have dear friends in your life as well. Friends are blessings from the Lord.

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