Orange blueberry muffins

I had some oranges from my Full Circle box that needed to be used and for whatever reason, my boys do not eat oranges. They would rather drink orange juice and I didn't have that many oranges, so I always exercise the option of baking with them.

I have a blueberry muffin recipe I have used for years that was in issue 77 of Fine Cooking magazine. It is one of those gives you the base recipe and then you can add different flavorings, fruits and glazes to suit what you have on had or what is in season or frozen in your freezer. While I normally make the lemon blueberry muffins, today I mixed it up and used orange zest in the batter and the juice in the glaze.

As always, a big hit in my house and devoured by the end of the day by my boys. My oldest loves his muffins and is usually the one who will eat about half the pan. I love baking for my guys.

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