It Had Been a Week & It Was Only Monday

My very sweet husband brought home a bunch of tulips and take out last night for dinner.  I have spent the last week scrubbing, cleaning, vacuuming, combing out bugs of too many kinds.  Our house got hit by lice and the norovirus at. the. same. time. (shutter....)

I also missed out on a girl's night last Friday because I was so exhausted from the week that dinner and a glass of wine with my girlfriends couldn't entice me out of the house.  It probably didn't help that my husband had been in Chicago for part of the week and managed to snag the last seat on the early flight home.  Since I was missing out, one of my dear, best girlfriends texted my husband to stop by her house to pick up a little gift for me.

Yup, bestie for life for sure.

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