Wednesdays Suck & I'm Selfish

When I planned out my schedule for the school year, I knew Wednesdays would be nutty between bible study, morning preschool, early release for the 2nd grader and of course Wednesday evening at church, otherwise known as Prime Time.  Throw in soccer practice that day and of course, it's grandma day too and I tossed up the white flag.

Fast forward a few months and things are nutty in a different way.  I had to pull the preschooler out of his preschool because holy moly, that was a bad fit.  Praise the Lord I did find another preschool which is in the afternoon, so now I have to drop off the 5yo at grandma's, take a crying 2yo to bible study because he would rather be at grandma's, go to bible study, rush back to grandma's to pick up 5yo, kill an hour, take him to preschool, come home and find lunch before school pick up at 1:30 for mr. 2nd grader, back to pick up 5yo, dinner and rush to church.

So Wednesdays are nutty and I'm no different than most other parents who probably have an even busier schedule than mine 5 days a week.  Here is why I'm selfish....I want a full on, total grandma day.

Ummm, what the heck is grandma day? and how do I get in on that gig????

 I'm super, duper blessed to have a mother-in-law who takes one day a week out of her schedule to spend time with her grandsons.  I drop them off in the morning and they read, play, bake cookies, do whatever together, grandma and boys.  For me, this is a full day. To. Myself.

Errands, cleaning house unassisted, going back to bed because I could, quilting, beading, shopping for fabric or beads, whatever my little heart desires.  Like all good things, they must come to an end it seems.  Due to things way outside my control, grandma day doesn't really exist anymore.

So now I try to squeeze in grandma day because it's important for my boys to see their grandma and play with their cousins even if it has become a bit of an inconvenience for me.  So those other projects, errands, house work, etc. will wait another day.  Because when it's all said and done, I want my boys to remember their grandparents and treasure the time they had with them, just like I treasure all those years with my grandparents.

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