No More #diyproject

There are blessings and curses of being a stay at home mom and one of those curses are the lovely, pushy sales people who go door knocking for a living.  One too many meat salesmen and tree cutters and I had had my fill.  It was time to look for a no soliciting sign to adorn my front step.

Enter the wonderful world of Etsy......

I searched out no soliciting signs to place outside and discovered a lot of great ones.  Some are funny, like this one, this one and this one.

Some are basic, but pretty, like this one, this one and this one.

I decided to go with this sign and turn it into a little DIY project.  I bought an 11x4 piece of craft wood at Michael's, spray painted it silver and once it was dried, I added a layer of eggplant alcohol ink using a sponge paint brush and once that was dry, I followed the directions on applying the vinyl sign.

I hot glued silver ribbon to the back and made the ribbon long enough that if I wanted to add a wreath outside, I could and you could still see the sign.  Now I need a pretty wreath to adorn my front window area next to my front door.

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