long awaited gift

Twitter has probably gotten me into more trouble than my husband would like. I have found new online bead stores, gotten a thimble (that is another story for another day) met some really awesome people and discovered some really cool brands. One of those brands is a gal who designs camera bags that do not scream, I'm a camera bag, come steal me!!

Kelly Moore Bags are gorgeous bags that look like purses or messenger bags where no one would guess there could be a nice, expensive camera in there. The bags are padded with removable sections, so you can decide how you want the inside of the bag to be or even hold.

When my sweet husband bought me a camera, he also picked out the bag to carry. Now, that bag is great, but everyone knows it's a camera bag and it's one more bag for me to carry. I wanted a bag I could safely carry my camera along with my personal belongings since I still have to also carry around a diaper bag/backpack for the 2 and 4yo.

After pinning for a new purse, making a little money helping out a friend and finagling the budget a bit, my husband let me pick out the Kelly Moore bag I wanted for a birthday/Mother's Day/anniversary/I didn't die during surgery gift.  Even better was the fact that there happens to be one camera store in the entire Seattle area that carries the KM bags and happens to be in downtown Bellevue.  So after my awesome baking class, my husband picked me up and took me over there to pick out and see which bag I wanted.  Lucky for me, the purse I REALLY wanted was in stock in the store whereas it wasn't in stock on her website.  I also discovered the hobo bag is really cool too, but I'm good for awhile :)

So now, I have a pretty new purse that can carry all my stuff, the random toy that without fail ends up in my possession and my camera for when I want to take it along to capture my boys. Thank you Kelly Moore for making a beautiful, functional bag and thank you to my fabulous husband for spoiling me.  Love you!

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