Valentine Swag Swap

A few weeks ago, a couple of gals, Caroline and Alissa, had come up with a great idea to do a Valentine blog swap.  Each blogger was paired with another blogger and were to put together a box of goodies to send to the other.  It sounded like fun, so I tossed in my name and my partner is Frances.

It have been fun to read about Frances and I love the name of her blog, Welcome to GrownUpLand.  She's a recent college grad from TCU and has fun posts about music, pinterest and her life and the ups and downs.  She sent me a fun box full of goodies.

Love the outside of the box!  It came a few days before Valentine's Day, but what fun to receive a box that states Happy Valentine's Day!!

Here is the majority of my goodies.  I must confess that I devoured the Reese's peanut butter heart and my boys consumed the Hershey's kisses. :)  I'm going to add a photo of my favorite guys and put the photo frame in my studio.  I love getting note pads and this one has magnets and the back to hang on my fridge.  Whoot!!  I'm constantly jotting down random ideas, menu plans, new kitchen gadgets or appliances that need to be replaced after 12 years of marriage, or things needing to be accomplished.

She also sent nail polish with a new pedicure set to make my toes all pretty and then socks to cover up said toes when my feet get cold, which is 10 months out of the year.  There is also some super fun bracelets and a pretty fabric rose, too.

Thank you Miss Frances for the box of goodies!!


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  1. aw so fun! frances and i knew each other growing up! :)
    thanks for participating in the swap! we loved having you!!