Day 276

Since our little announcement, I have been thinking about the one thing we need to get before baby arrives: infant car seat. When Aaron outgrew the infant car seat, I knew that I would need to purchase another car seat if we had another child because of the six year life span before they are expired. I sold the other seat a year and a half ago so someone else could get some use out of it. Granted there were four babies who used it, my two and two of my friends' little ones.

Enter the kids sale and that little gift certificate I won. I had noticed this car seat when I dropped off my items and was completely impressed at how unused it look, but I was a little bummed on the price. It was more than my gift certificate, so I thought I would wait until the half price day and take a chance on it being there. Lucky for me, I am a consignor so I was able to shop the half price sale before the general public and yeah for me, the car seat was still there. My sweet sister-in-law knew I wanted that seat, so she got to the sale before me and put it on hold until I could purchase it. I love the colors and since we will not be finding out the sex of the baby, it's perfect.

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