Day 180

Happy Birthday MOM!!
The beginning of my buggy barn quilt. I spent most of the meeting time tonight working my 30 fat quarters into three stacks of ten. Once I was finally done fussing and liked how my stacks went together, I cut out the pattern and then started sorting again. Once the pattern is cut out, you take the top layer of the petals off and put them on the bottom of the stack. Then you take off the top two layers of the middle to expose your third fabric. The other gals really liked how mine was turning out and I'm excited to start sewing it all back together.

I know you are all wondering how in the world I got it home. Saran Wrapped the fabric on the cutting mat and it's currently sitting on my work table ready to be unwrapped and sewn together. The sewing will have to wait until tomorrow night once the boys are asleep. This project is one where little fingers could really mess it up.

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