Day 157

I miss participating in the music ministry at Crossroads Bible Church and today I had the opportunity to join again. When I was pregnant with my oldest, my body decided at 19 weeks pregnant that I was done singing as I couldn't breathe, which is a little bit of a good thing to be able to do. Since then, our church has gone through a couple of music ministers and the program has gone through a few changes. I was able to participate in the Easter celebration when I was about 17 weeks pregnant with number two, so I knew my time was limited.

This past year we have had the honor and privilege of having Timothy James Meaney as our worship leader. He hosted a worship workshop for those who were interested in participating in some manner or just learning more. I have yet to sing for him so I can be part of the worship team on Sunday mornings, but I do look forward to being part of something I enjoy.

Which means......I'm not preggers, PRAISE THE LORD!!

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