Off to Spain I Go

I started writing this post a couple of months ago and honestly, it was cheesy, like whoa, chee-sey.  I'm also 5 days from going and so exhausted from getting ready that I thought I would just start over.


Last December, I attended a meeting at church about an upcoming mission trip to Astorga, Spain.  Mike and I filled out applications, miss over here finally got herself a passport, and in January we found out we were going to Astorga in June.
Can we say beyond excited?!?!

I have always wanted to go to Spain and God finally opened the doors for us to go.  Our team of 13 people is going over to put on a cultural fair for a week.  We will be teaching English classes, cooking classes, various crafts, American sports of volleyball and baseball, family activities and just starting relationships with the people of Astorga.  A missionary couple has started an evangelical church in Ponferrada and are now going to Astorga to start a church there.

I sharing so you can pray for us.  The boys are staying with grandma and grandpa a week and nana and papa the second week.  I would love for my boys to be covered in prayer as we are away for 2 weeks and for Mike and I as we travel.  My biggest concern is not losing my passport and not offending anyone because I don't know the culture.  God is doing AMAZING things in Astorga already and I'm excited to see how God uses our team during our time there.

Look for pictures when I return......

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