Fall has arrived

I suppose it had to happen eventually. Yes, after 80 days of sunshine, the rain has returned to Western Washington.  While I am happy in some ways to pull out my sweaters, boots and my new warm, fuzzy TOMS, I will miss the sunshine.  Mornings are already hard enough for me trying to get out of bed in the dark and made even tougher with the dark, grey clouds at 8 am when it's time to scoot out the door for the day.

I did manage (finally) to put up the wind chime my mom gave me.  There is a large craft show outside of Wichita, KS each fall and last year my mom had bought this super cute coffee pot wind chime.  My dad hates it.  So my mom gave it to me last Christmas and yes, it took my 10 months to go outside and hang it on the hook outside my kitchen window.  Sheesh!

I am happy for the rain that has come to clean the air and water my sad, sad yard.  Though soccer in the rain isn't all that great either, God has been very gracious and held off the rain for last Friday's walkathon at school and the soccer game on Saturday afternoon.  Today, though, the street is covered with branches, pine needles and debris from last nights little wind storm, but the sun is shining and peaking through those pesky clouds.  Time for a little jewelry photo shoot.

Have a great day, y'all!!


  1. Fall isn't quite here yet. We had a taste of it a couple weeks ago (more accurately, we had a taste of winter) and now we are back to near summer. Today it is pushing 85 degrees and the wind is blowing about 25 mph. Yuck!!

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