Day 130

My favorite bead store has a Mother's Day event where women, usually moms and daughters, can come in and make the bracelet the store has designed for the days event. This year, my beading partner in crime and I were given permission to do as we wanted, so off to Woodinville we went this afternoon. We (SIL & I) have somewhat of an 'in' with one of the owners as we have been going to beadclub since the doors opened and we have a lot in common including the fact that all six kiddos have been born weeks apart. The owner gave us a heads up on the indigo sapphire beads. She had made a sample bracelet with the indigo beads and then realized their stock probably wouldn't last the afternoon, so she took the bracelet apart and put another one together. I decided I would do the indigo sapphire beads in my bracelet and here is the end result.

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