Day 63

What do a coffee stained towel, a bowl of rice and my iPhone case have in common? The aftermath of a 17 month old when mom left her coffee and iPhone on the table unattended.
This morning I had a dentist appointment and needed to drop the boys off at a friends house. I had just finished getting Aaron dressed and stopped in my room real quick to pick up my jewelry. As I was walking back to the kitchen, I heard a noise that didn't sit well with me. Yes, my friends, my one year old was dunking my nice, expensive toy into my coffee as if it were a doughnut. I rinsed off the phone, took off the case and proceeded to attempt to drain the coffee out of the phone as I am on the home phone freaking out to Mike about what happened. After I got home this afternoon, I put the phone in a bowl of rice to hopefully draw out the moisture and pray that it's not dead.
And to top off this day, I had sealants put on two of my bottom molars and my mouth is driving me nuts. This was not a happy mom day.

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